How To Recover Data From A Crashed Hard Drive

By | October 13, 2021

If you’re a tech, then you know the cardinal rule of computing which states hard drives failures are inevitable at some point. Irrespective of taking all the precautionary measures existing in the book hard drives eventually fail. There are numerous causes why hard drives crash and they are partitioned into two noteworthy categories; one is the logical failure whereas the other is a mechanical failure. A logical failure is a result of formatting, MBR damage, information system error, sectional logical error, partition table damage corrupt file system. Note in a logical failure the BIOS fails to detect the hard drive; therefore, it can’t get access to the drive. A mechanical failure is a result of broken parts, headwear, scratched platter and circuit boards short circuit. Don’t panic since here are two procedures on how to recover data from a crashed hard drive.

1.Manual Technique

This involves copying data to another drive. The initial task is to remove the failed hard drive from your PC and linking it to another PC as a secondary drive. The most direct approach to doing this is through a USB universal drive adapter. If you lack a USB adapter connect the drive manually to a desktop PC and try copying the data off from the drive. If it succeeds, that means your drive is in the right condition, but your operating system is corrupt and needs to be pre-installed.

2. Use Data Recovery Software

It’s not a guarantee that the manual procedure will work hence there is an option of using data recovery software’s that are available on the internet .the data recovery software’s work by retrieving all data provided it has not been overwritten. Here are some of the best data recovery software’s you can use to aid in your quest of data recovery.

● Recuva :

Recuva not only does it recover Twitter data from a crashed hard drive but also can deep scan your hard drive and recover those hidden files you once deleted long time ago. Recuva is a product of CCleaners, and they have the free version and professional version, but the free version still does the job quite well. Recuva recovers all music, videos, documents, photos, and any rewriteable media can also be recovered.

● PC Inspector File Recovery :

This is a software that is completely free and where Recuva was unable to recover your data, PC Inspector file recovery 4.x can completely. The software supports recovery in NTFS and FAT 12/16/32 file systems. The Pc inspector will find partitions irrespective of their conditions, recover files even if the header entry is missing, recover your files from the crashed hard drive and save your recovered files for you.

● MiniTool Mac Data Recovery :

This software is designed only for Mac OS users, and it helps in the recovery of formatted, corrupted lost or deleted data in the Mac PC. The software has four recovery functional modules to assist you in the recovery of data from a crashed hard drive. They are; namely, undeleted recovery, lost partition recovery, digital media recovery damaged partition recovery and advanced filter recovery. MiniTool Mac data recovery is the best freeware to use to all Mac users due to its numerous advantages.

● Hiren’s BootCD :

Hirens’s Boot CD is a multi-purpose bootable software CD comprising a number of programs that can aid in the recovery of data from a crashed hard drive. Some of the tools available in the CD are BIOS tools, Master Boot Record tools, Data recovery tools, file system tools, hard drive tools imaging tools and many more. Using this software your chances of recovering your data are high, and it’s the ideal way if you don’t have a USB universal adapter.

Precautionary measures to help you avoid a hard drive crash
1. Avoid taking liquids near your PC since they might accidentally spill over.
2. Use a protective casing material to avoid shocking your PC
3. Watch out for warning signs such as overheating, speed of the fun and funny noises from your hard drive
4. Backing up your data more often is always advisable since you never know the doom day.
5. Avoid shutting down your PC in an unethical manner, do it the right way

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