Data Recovery Services Using Your PC

Data Recovery Services Using Your PC

smart phone Haven’t you adopted this preventive method that is the cloud? Know that you can recover your data with your computer provided that the screen still works (totally or partially). First you need to unlock your smartphone.

If it has a fingerprint sensor, you will have no problem passing this step. If this is not the case, you will need to check if the laptop has another opening system and connect an OTG mouse to it. Then you have to enter your password or draw your unlock pattern using the Facebook mouse. When you succeed in unlocking the device, here is the procedure to follow:

you disconnect your OTG mouse and connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable;
you open the Windows file explorer then go to the “This PC” directory;
you unlock your smartphone again;
you control whether the “mass storage” feature is enabled. Normally you should see the icon in notifications;
you tap your phone icon to explore its content;
you choose the “internal storage memory” folder;
you make the copy and then you paste the folders and files you want to recover on a folder on your PC;

Your smartphone screen is broken and no longer works. In addition, you do not have an OTG mouse on hand to unlock it. In this case, we advise you to use software called Droid@Screen. It will help you project your smartphone screen onto your computer.

However, certain prerequisites are required, namely the installation of the Android SDK, the USB drivers for your device, the latest version of Java on your PC and the activation of USB debugging in “Developer options”. Once these preliminary steps are completed.

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